When learning about assisted living communities, it can be hard to find information without finding any misleading myths about the senior living industry as a whole. Oftentimes, myths aren’t that big of a deal, but when it comes to providing your loved one with an exceptional senior living experience, these myths may leave you feeling uneasy about the process of finding a place for a loved one.

McClellan Senior Living, located in Anniston, Alabama, is a senior living community that prides itself on providing excellent care to seniors. We would like to share four common assisted living myths with our readers to “debunk” the myths that you may think about communities like ours!

1. Assisted Living is Expensive

One of the most common myths about assisted living communities is that they are all expensive. This myth has widespread belief, but it’s just simply not true. Although some senior living communities may be over-the-top luxurious, and reflected in their pricing, most communities aim to offer affordable options for families. Most high-end communities base their prices on services and amenities you would like your loved one to have access to in their home.

Assisted living communities looking to be more affordable tend to bundle amenities and services together typically prove to come in at a lower monthly cost compared to the cost of living in a private, single-family home. So, when searching for an affordable community, “all-inclusive” is a great phrase to look for.

It’s also important to weigh the cost of your loved one’s stay at home. Not only does paying for in-home care get pricey, but bills, taxes, services, and other expenditures can add up. Also, home maintenance and seasonal home care won’t be a worry when choosing a senior living community.

 2. A Loss of Independence

Another popular belief is that assisted living communities can cause your loved one to lose their independence. Even though assisted living communities provide professional caregivers to aid your loved one with their daily tasks, that doesn’t mean they are going to be stripped of their independence. A community is intended to support and empower seniors, not take away their freedom.

At McClellan Senior Living, we dedicate ourselves to providing residents with an experience that not only enhances their opportunities for decision-making but allows them to enjoy their retirement the way they wish to. We have this philosophy because your loved ones are at the center of everything we do!

Active senior friends exercising at the park

3. There is Never Anything to Do

Senior living communities are sediment places where older adults sit around and do nothing, right? Absolutely not! The misconception that assisted living communities lacks exciting activities comes from the idea that seniors in an assisted living community tend to have a caregiver that helps them throughout the day. Although your loved one may have a personal caregiver, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the fun and games!

Assisted living communities are packed with a plethora of services, amenities, events, outings, and gatherings that promote activity and celebrate the lives of seniors. We recommend speaking to your loved one and asking them what they would like to enjoy in their daily life. Once you know what they want, look for a community that can offer them all their favorite amenities!

4. Assisted Living Communities Have Terrible Food

Contrary to popular belief, assisted living communities don’t serve the same atrocious food you may find on an airplane or in a frozen dinner. Many assisted living communities pride themselves on the food they serve because they use fresh and local ingredients.


Some assisted living communities offer meal plans that feature several meals per day, but that doesn’t mean that they are hastily cooked meals. If your loved one is interested in moving into a community, ask to tour the community and check out the kitchen while you’re there. You can learn a lot about the dining experience by spending a few minutes with the staff

McClellan Senior Living is happy to clear up any misconceptions about senior living because we want your loved one to have the experience they deserve. If you want to learn more about what an outstanding assisted living community can do for your loved one, contact us!


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