When you decide to transition yourself or a family member into a senior living community, it is important to find the right community. A community that provides the level of care that you need, offers activities and events that align with your interests, and makes you feel comfortable and at home.

Along with the community’s services and amenities, the location of the community is equally, if not more, important. Just like buying a house, location can make or break your decision to move into a specific community.

McClellan Senior Living is an all-inclusive senior living community in Anniston, Alabama. Our vibrant and historic location complements the amenities and compassionate care we provide. We believe that Anniston is a great location to spend your retirement years, and we want to help you discover everything it has to offer!

Discover the History of Anniston, Alabama

Anniston is located in northeast Alabama, about 60 miles east of Birmingham. Lying in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the city was originally founded as a private industrial community in 1872. The founders of the iron town community shared the same goal of creating the perfect town or “the model city.”

As a result, “Cottages were constructed for the workers with yards and gardens, streets were laid out and lined with trees, a company store was provided, [and] a farm was operated to provide food and dairy products. Churches and schools were built, all as a part of this prosperous, planned, but closed community” (annistonal.gov). In 1882, Anniston became the first city in Alabama to enjoy electricity.

Due to the rapid growth of the community, Anniston, Alabama, was officially opened to the public on July 3, 1883.

In addition to the iron industry, the military also plays a significant part in the growth of Anniston. “In 1917, the federal government purchased 18,952 acres adjoining Anniston for the development of Camp McClellan (annistonal.gov). It was later renamed “Fort McClellan.” The military used this area for training until Fort McClellan’s eventual closing in 1999.

Today, the former Fort McClellan is the location of McClellan Senior Living, offering both independent and assisted living services.

Things to Do, See, & Explore

Beyond its rich history, Anniston is also home to various art, environmental, educational, and interesting attractions – perfect for exploring on your own or with loved ones!

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve

Named after the decreasing population of longleaf pine trees, the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve is located on over 9,000 acres that are part of the former Fort McClellan site and forms a section of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain ranges.

With an abundance of flora, fauna, and birdlife, this wildlife preserve is the perfect place for a hike, picnic, riding a bicycle, or birdwatching. Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve serves as a destination for families to get outdoors and spend quality time together.

Zinn Park in Downtown Anniston

Located in the heart of downtown Anniston, Alabama, Zinn park hosts pavilions, jogging and walking pathways, and a splash pad for children to enjoy. Additionally, Zinn Park is home to a playground that was specifically adapted for children with disabilities, making it a great place for all families to explore.

According to The Crazy Tourist, “Martin Luther King Jr. Pavilion hosts a range of events and concerts throughout the year which visitors can enjoy alongside locals.”

Berman Museum

If you are fascinated by history, this is the place for you. Started by Farley Berman, an American GI, the Berman Museum is home to unique weaponry, antiques, and items from all around the world. A few of these items include “Hitler’s tea service, a bullet firing flute, and a James Bond-style ink pen which fires a .22.”

During World War II, Farley Berman was stationed in North Africa, where he met a French spy who later became his wife. The museum is made up of the items they collected as they traveled all over the world.

Why Retire in Anniston?

We know everyone’s ideal retirement looks different. For those looking for inviting, Southern charm, you’ll find it in Anniston, Alabama. The city is within driving distance of the Georgia border and sits roughly an hour from Birmingham, allowing residents the opportunity to enjoy the history and beauty of a small town with easy access to more metropolitan destinations.

LEARN MORE: INDEPENDENT LIVING SERVICESFrom outdoor attractions to annual festivals and events around the city, there is something of interest for everyone to enjoy in Anniston. For more information about our all-inclusive senior living community or life in Anniston, Alabama, we invite you to contact a member of our McClellan team!

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