Where you live matters. Your home should be your happy place and serve as your refuge. It needs to be a place where you feel the most comfortable; where you can be your true self.

If we spend nearly half our lives either sleeping or trying to sleep, imagine how much time is spent simply being at home. This is the reason that our surroundings hold such a significant impact on both our physical and mental health.

When we feel relaxed, the mind and body can focus on wellness. This level of serenity and comfort is a result of the elements that make up your environment. What furnishings help you to feel at home? Does your space suit your current lifestyle needs and wants? And, arguably the most important element, do you feel like you are surrounded by a supportive community?

McClellan Senior Living is an all-inclusive senior living community in Anniston, Alabama, dedicated to cultivating a sense of community throughout our campus. Our community is family-focused and faith-based, encouraging residents and team members alike to lead a fulfilling, active life.

Southern Charm & Small-Town Feel

McClellan Senior Living is proud to call the city of Anniston, Alabama, home. Even with an estimated population of 21,287 people and some of the amenities of a larger area, Anniston still exemplifies small-town life.

Within our community and in the surrounding area of Anniston, residents benefit from this tight-knit atmosphere. At McClellan Senior Living, we all know and care about one another. We see each other daily and stay up-to-date on one another’s lives. Members of our community take pride in supporting and motivating each other in our daily lives.

This small-town feel impacts residents of Anniston and McClellan Senior Living by offering a slower-paced, more intimate sense of community.

Family-Focused Community

The McClellan Senior Living community is family-oriented. When safety and policies permit, we encourage visits, gatherings, and celebrations throughout our community. In 2020, we recognized the challenges that many of our residents and their families faced due to health concerns and visitation limitations. While we know nothing can compare to face-to-face contact, throughout the year, we encouraged family and friends to share notes and messages of support and love to our residents. We strive to do our part to keep families connected and involved in life at McClellan.

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” – 1 John 4:11

It is our belief that when people feel supported and connected, it creates an environment of healing and care. We call each other family because that is how it feels. We value what it means to be a part of a family-focused atmosphere and implement this ideology into the care and services we provide.

McClellan Senior Living’s Mission and Values

Our mission is to work hard each day to create a sense of belonging and purpose in each resident’s life. Blending the attentive care of a loving family with the feeling of accomplishment, our team members are always available to support and assist our residents. We have made it our mission to ensure that our residents have everything they need within a loving environment that fosters achievement.

Our senior living community in Anniston, Alabama, values the fact that we have a team of skilled professionals available around the clock, providing quality care to each resident and fostering meaningful engagement. Each of our activities, group meetings, outings, and events are carefully planned to add purpose and excitement to each resident’s life. At McClellan Senior Living, our values are instilled in every aspect of our community.

Both the city of Anniston, Alabama, and McClellan Senior Living are great places to live. The sense of community that is fostered in this area is something that we take pride in. It is a family-focused environment that concentrates on each individual and creating their desired lifestyle. 

Cultivating and nurturing our sense of community and a family-like atmosphere comes naturally. This idea is a part of who we are as individuals as well as a team.

McClellan Senior Living is a community you’ll love – let us welcome you home. To learn more about our all-inclusive senior living community, we invite you to contact a member of the McClellan Senior Living team or visit our website!

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