Senior health care is a topic that is rarely in the eye of the public. It can be an intimidating subject, with a lot of hesitation, since exercising as an older adult can pose challenges. You’ll find that as you age, exercising requires more dedication and patience. You still have plenty of adventures ahead of you, so now is the time to make a positive change and McClellan Senior Living is here to help!

Maintain a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

You are what you eat, in a sense. At this stage in your life, your diet can and will influence your health significantly. The word “diet” never sounds positive, but it is a big part of senior health care and a key to your wellness. While you can enjoy the occasional snack or two, it’s best to never overdo it. Drinking water, as well as other healthy alternatives like green tea, can also help improve your health. Water is the most basic and essential human necessity, and you should never deprive yourself of it.

The importance of a healthy diet is present, no matter how old or young you are. Adding certain foods to your diet may significantly reduce the risk of certain diseases or ailments. Coffee is one of these, which sounds unusual, but it is true! Having a few cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 60%! A good portion of superfoods typically are tasty or diverse, so there’s almost something for everyone! Just remember not to drink too much coffee, as high levels of caffeine can have adverse health effects as well.

Get Moving with Physical Activity

Physical activities are another critical component to senior health care. When you hear “you need to exercise,” you likely have a negative image in your head but physical activities don’t have to be strenuous in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting outside and taking a nice walk around the park can be very beneficial to your health. Even going out and running errands can give your body some much-needed activity. As long as you get up and stay active, you’re helping your body out!

Stay Mentally Active

Group Of Seniors Playing Game Of Bingo In Retirement Home

A great way to keep maintain brain health, stay sharp, and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease is to participate in mental activities. Mental exercises such as playing games, puzzles, reading books, or coloring all have brain benefits. Activities that get your mind working are some of the most important ones out there. Your mental health, as well as your social inclusion, are significant for keeping your brain active and keeping you healthy.

McClellan Senior Living realizes it’s not always easy to break out of your routine but these simple, senior health care tips can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come! Of course, we recommend that you speak with a primary healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise regimen.

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