In an age of ever-growing convenience, it’s not unusual for one to leave the driving to someone else. If you’re ready to take your hands off the wheel and wish to be a passenger in a safe, secure mode of transportation in your day to day life, you’re one of many.

At McClellan Senior Living, we understand the value and importance of maintaining your independence, so we’d like to share some tips and options to accommodate your traveling needs.

Safety First!

When traveling, it’s always important to keep safety in mind.

  • Where are you going and at what time of day?
  • Are you traveling alone or with a companion?
  • Will you need to keep medication on hand?

These are just a couple of questions to keep in mind with senior transportation options, no matter the distance you’re traveling.

If you find yourself in need of transport, and require mobility assistance, the Americans with Disabilities Act covers the public and private sectors. Transportation agencies are required to meet a series of standards including but not limited to providing adequate safety standards and accessibility measures to ensure that you’re able to utilize the same freedom of transit as others!

Keeping in mind your personal travel needs, and the guarantees provided by the ADA, it has never been a better time to consider transportation for seniors.

Familiarizing Your Options

Public Transit: Across the United States, primarily in cities and larger townships, public transit is a popular way for people to travel. Whether it be local buses, train networks, or, in certain areas, elevated rail lines and subways, the options are numerous. These are also the most reliable forms of transportation for seniors, as they have multiple stops throughout the regions where they operate.

Forms of public transit are the most accessible for those who require mobility assistance, and overall the most affordable option. The only downside to public transport are the set schedules that the lines run on; these typically cater to a general time frame but not the needs of an individual.

Paratransit: If the public transport option isn’t available for you for any number of reasons, paratransit services are likely to help. Paratransit services offer more assistance beyond the basic needs and requirements of the passengers. Many of these services also offer more flexible scheduling, making them a more appealing option for senior transportation.

Private Transit: The appeal of private transit is two-fold; private transit can be secured with nothing but a quick phone call or mobile app use, and be where you are in a matter of minutes. Utilizing more traditional vehicles to get around also helps in times of high traffic for your driver to maneuver safely.

In the past, cab services have been the primary go-to for private transportation. In an age of renewed entrepreneurial spirit, many companies such as Uber and Lyft have not only provided extra work to willing citizens but enabled a more accessible option for senior transportation that’s often more convenient and comfortable, with competitive price ranges that make it a rider’s market. All drivers from these services undergo strenuous background checks; when booking a ride the name and picture of the driver are provided, as well as a description of the make and model of their car, so you know who is driving you. This information gives you the knowledge of what they’re driving, and when to expect them. This senior transportation option is alluring due to the door-to-door type of service it offers.

Ease of Access

In today’s society, the journey from A to B has never been easier. With so many options in place and legislation to ensure that those with additional needs are accommodated, the advancements in public and private sectors for transportation benefits everyone!

Maybe you’re looking for an easier path, where you don’t have to travel to adventure or get what you need. McClellan Senior Living in Anniston, Alabama, offers an all-inclusive lifestyle with the comforts you need, the adventure you crave, and the care you deserve. If you’re interested in joining our community or have further questions, feel free to contact us or schedule a tour!

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