Over the years, there have been many myths and misconceptions created about senior living communities. Most of these myths developed from poor experiences, as well as the stigma surrounding the term “nursing home.”

With these myths about senior living, it can be hard to recognize the reality of this industry. McClellan Senior Living, based in Anniston, Alabama, wants to debunk a few common myths about senior living communities and share the incredible benefits the senior living industry can offer!

Myth #1: Communities Are More Expensive Than Living at Home

There are many costs associated with retirement, and some people may assume that a senior living community is outside the scope of their budget. The reality behind this myth is that many people do not fully understand what’s included by most senior living communities.

While the cost of living at home may seem cheaper on the surface, it has added expenses like property taxes, maintenance, and utilities. Though it varies by community, the monthly cost associated with senior living typically includes housing, meals, transportation, housekeeping, and other on-site services.

McClellan Senior Living offers an all-inclusive approach to senior living with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. We believe your retirement should be full of relaxation, not chores, or stress! If you would like to learn more about senior living pricing, McClellan Senior Living offers a comprehensive cost comparison guide!DOWNLOAD OUR COST COMPARISON GUIDE

Myth #2: Senior Living Communities are Depressing and “Boring”

One of the most common misconceptions about senior living communities is that they are “boring” – leaving residents idle all day. This myth not only raises concerns for the potential resident, but also for their family and friends who may be tentative to transition their parent(s) to this type of community.

The truth is, this myth couldn’t be further from reality! A majority of senior living communities host a wide variety of engaging activities for their residents. Whether its educational or physical classes, clubs, or networking events, senior living communities know the value of socialization  and strive to provide their residents with ample opportunities to engage and connect with others.

At McClellan Senior Living, our community is designed to encourage engagement from our residents and staff. Our activities are specially crafted to promote learning, relationship building, and interaction.

Myth# 3: Assisted Living Communities Lack Privacy

Maintaining their independence after moving to a senior living community is something that many seniors are concerned about. While assisted living communities do offer more attention and support than an independent living community, residents still experience privacy and independence. The goal of an assisted living community is to provide residents with the assistance and support they need when they need it.

McClellan Senior Living’s assisted living program is a comforting, supportive environment that was created to encourage a sense of accomplishment in our residents. Each aspect is designed with the senior in mind to ensure that all of their needs are met.

Myth #4: You Won’t Continue to Grow in Senior Living

The myth about senior living is that once you join, you no longer have the opportunity to accomplish new goals or experience new things. The actuality behind senior living communities is that they offer many older adults the ability to achieve these goals. By removing the stress associated with homeownership or the worry associated with completing certain tasks, senior living doesn’t stop the fun; it can enhance it!

The reality behind senior living communities, like McClellan Senior Living, is that we are continually striving to give our residents the best retirement experience possible.

McClellan Senior Living, in Anniston, Alabama, is a community that offers both independent and assisted living services. If there are other senior living misconceptions or myths that we didn’t cover, we encourage you to schedule a visit to our community, and experience senior living for yourself!

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