United States veterans faithfully served our country and deserve to be honored for their sacrifice, regardless of the military branch they enlisted in or the amount of time served. At McClellan Senior Living, we appreciate all that veterans have done for our country and we want to thank them for the commitment they made to ensure the freedoms our country was built upon.

With Veterans Day coming up, it is important that the senior veteran in your life knows you care. We encourage you to find meaningful activities that celebrate and honor their service to our country. We would like to provide you with a few ideas on how to make this Veterans Day a memorable experience and celebrate the senior veteran (or any veteran) in your life!

Family Dinner and Gatherings

A simple, yet sometimes perfect, way to celebrate the senior veteran in your life comes in the form of a visit or a family gathering. If your loved one lives at a distance, make a trip to see them and spend the day or weekend with them. If your loved one lives close by, host a family dinner of your loved one’s favorite dishes.

Celebrating the senior veteran in your life doesn’t have to be elaborate. The act should be about showing your love and honoring their service.

Veterans Day Discounts

During Veterans Day (November 11th), a variety of companies offer discounts exclusive to veterans and our country’s active servicemen and servicewomen. While these offerings can vary, many chain restaurants offer free meals or discounts. Depending on where your loved one is located, discounts may also be available on other services, at chain stores, or even hotels. Military Benefits is an excellent resource that shares what businesses are participating in Veterans Day discounts!


Outdoor Activities

Veterans Day can also be an opportunity for an outdoor adventure with the senior veteran in your life. If you live near a national park, entry on Veterans Day is free for all visitors! National parks are a wonderful way to experience the most beautiful spots in America and appreciate the country our veterans worked (and continue to work) to protect.

Cities and towns across the United States also host local parades honoring veterans, making this another great outdoor activity for you and the senior veteran in your life. Many of these parades also encourage veteran participation. If your loved one is interested in being a part of the celebration, contact your local town or city office to learn how!

Sending a Care Package

If the senior veteran in your life lives at a distance and you are unable to see them, a care package or heartfelt letters are a way to show you are thinking about them – even if you can’t be together. Your care package could consist of your loved one’s favorite items or a meaningful letter that shares your fondest memories of them. The contents of the package are not as important as the feeling it will bring your loved one knowing you are thinking about them.

How ever you choose to celebrate, make sure the senior veteran (or any veteran) in your life know how appreciated they are! Once again, McClellan Senior Living would like to thank the veterans of the United States for their service. We hope every veteran has a memorable Veterans Day surrounded by family and loved ones!

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